You decide the pace and you decide the place

Paying in your fundraising

Paying in

When you signed up to MyMarathon, an online fundraising page with everdayhero will have automatically been created for you. It’s the quickest, simplest and safest way to fundraise. You can access your page using the details you signed up with here (and reset your password if needed). If you’ve been collecting sponsorship online through your fundraising page, then you don’t need to do anything more as this will automatically come to the BHF. Easy peasy!

If you’ve collected cash then you can pay in the money yourself (using a credit or debit card) to your fundraising page. If you can’t remember your fundraising page then you can find yourself (or another MyMarathon participant) here.

Or send a cheque (made payable to the British Heart Foundation) to:
MyMarathon. British Heart Foundation, Lyndon Place, 2096 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3YU

If you’re sending a cheque, please fill out a Sponsorship Form and tick the Gift Aid Box.

If you’d like to make a payment over the phone using your credit or debit card, please call the Team on 0300 330 3322. Our lines are open Monday – Friday, 09:00 to 17:00.

You can also pay in on our BHF website – just make sure you select MyMarathon 2017 from the drop down list.


Share your success

Let your friends and family know how you’re getting on and how they can help make your miles count. Use these simple pre-written emails to ask for sponsorship, as a gentle reminder of your challenge, or to thank them for helping you go the extra mile this May.

Social Media

Update your Profile Pic or post to Instagram using one of our social pics to tell everyone about your MyMarathon challenge or give your own picture the MyMarathon look using our profile pic generator.

Go faster or further

Does one marathon seem too easy? Or does 31 days seem like too long a time? Maybe you completed MyMarathon last year and are ready for a new challenge? It’s time to go faster or further to push up those donations.

Either run a further distance or complete the 26.2 miles in a faster time and make sure you tell everyone about it!

Connect your fundraising page to a running app

We know the people who connect their everydayhero fundraising page to their running app raise more money. We’ve pulled together a guide, including some quick videos, so you can get this set up straight away.

Use our fundraising tools

We’ve got lots of fundraising tools for you to download and print to boost your fundraising. From a traditional sponsorship form to wave under your friends’ noses to our quick sweepstake game, make sure you check them out.